Connect with a Current Graduate Student

Do you have questions about what being a student in our school is like? Find out by connecting with one of our student ambassadors, who can offer insights about SPHHP and its academic programs.   

Miranda Bosse

Individualized Master of Public Health / Master of Social Work Combined Degree Program

White female with medium length blonde hair, black glasses and black shirt and grey blazer.

My research areas of interest include how lifestyle medicine affects mental health and public health, and how factors of race, socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality and immunity affect one’s well-being. I have many different particular research interests, so I am still managing to figure out exactly what I will specialize in. My goal is to work in project management and development while pursuing research to influence and create positive change for public health policy.

I am pursuing a combined MPH/MSW, and I am in my third year of graduate studies. I attended UB for undergrad where I obtained a BA in psychology, a BA in social sciences and a BA in dance. I started out within the MSW program following undergrad with the intent to pursue clinical counseling work. Throughout my studies and clinical experiences, I have found that I much rather prefer working in research and on the other side of health care, doing more macro work rather than working one-on-one with clients. This past summer, I interned at the Erie Niagara Area Health Education Center in downtown Buffalo, coordinating virtual events and developing program management skills. Upon graduating, I plan on applying to a PhD program with the goal of utilizing public health research to impact health care policy.

When I’m not studying or working, I’m either dancing or teaching dance, or hanging with my adorable cat, Lulu!

Miranda promotes wearing a mask on and off campus.

Miranda promotes wearing a mask on and off campus.

Rylee Haffey

Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT)

Rylee Haffey.

Research Topics, Areas of Interest: Injury prevention, rehabilitation, concussion

I obtained my bachelor's degree in exercise science in May 2020 from the University at Buffalo, where I am also a part of the combined 3+2 program paired with an MS in athletic training, graduating in May 2021. I always had a passion for medicine as a little girl but never quite knew which entity of medicine I wanted most. 

I realized patient interaction and time spent was a factor I highly valued. I was drawn to athletic training for the dynamic of being with the patient at the time of injury throughout the duration of their rehabilitation and recovery. Creating trusted relationships with my patients is very important to me. Upon graduation I plan to continue my education and apply for my doctorate of athletic training to create the possibility of owning my own clinic in the future!

I was embarrassingly late to a fun fact: there's indeed an arrow in the FedEx logo, and I have a passion for global health initiatives and have traveled to both Honduras and Panama to provide medical relief!

Athletic training student talks about a few of things they're doing in their clinical with UB Athletics to keep their staff and students safe.

Rylee talks about a few of things they're doing at the UB Athletics clinical to keep their staff and students safe.

Woman with long dark hair wearing a black blazer.

Nadia Koyratty

Epidemiology and Environmental Health PhD

Research Topics, Areas of Interest: Food/diet, water, global health, maternal health, child health

I am currently in the fourth year of my PhD program in Epidemiology and Environmental Health. Before attending UB, I obtained a BSc in food sciences and an MSc in sustainable management of food quality with a specialization in nutrition and organic agriculture. Following both my BSc and MSc degrees, I took time off from studying to gain some practical work experience and to decide on life and career goals. I was drawn to epidemiology while working as a nutrition scientist doing research within the food industry.

As a PhD candidate within the School of Public Health and Health Professions, my dissertation project focuses on food and water insecurity and their effects on child and maternal health in low- and middle-income countries. I work under the guidance of Dr. Laura E. Smith who is the associate director of nutrition at the Zvitambo Institute of Maternal and Child Health Research in Zimbabwe. Having the opportunity to travel to Zimbabwe and to collaborate with Zvitambo scientists on my dissertation has been instrumental in my personal and professional aspirations. I plan to get involved with nutrition and social program development, as well as in policy changes that would contribute to healthier populations, irrespective of country or setting.

I watch Food Insider videos whenever I have free time, because that’s how much I love food. 😊

White female with shoulder length medium brown hair, black glasses and black t-shirt.

Sarah Thomas

Health Services Administration MPH

I am currently enrolled in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program with a concentration in health services administration. Before my enrollment in this program, I earned my bachelor of science degree in exercise science from UB. I became interested in the field of public health through my undergraduate studies when I learned about the relationship between physical activity, environmental factors and health outcomes.

For my MPH field training, I am working with Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center to conduct tobacco control and policy research. I am also working with UBMD Internal Medicine as a business analyst intern providing operational support to the practice. In addition to graduate school, I have worked as a pharmacy technician and at an assisted living facility, gaining experience with a variety of populations. My ultimate career goal is to stay local and serve as a public health advocate for under served areas across Buffalo, N.Y.

I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, spending time outdoors and baking.