Connect with a Current Undergrad

Do you have questions about  being a student in the School of Public Health and Health Professions is like? Connect with a student ambassador who can tell you about more about SPHHP and its academic programs.

2023-2024 Public Health Ambassadors

Cameron Kiner.

Cameron Kiner

Hello! My name is Cameron, and I am currently a junior in the Honors College studying public health. I plan to apply for the combined 3+2 Public Health degree program in the summer of 2024. I began at UB in fall 2022 seeking a different degree but after disliking some of my classes, I decided to change majors to try something different. I made the switch to public health because I found a lot of the topics to be interesting, and I quickly fell in love with the program after taking my first few classes. I have a fascination for the policy side of healthcare, which public health places a large focus on.

My plan is to pursue a career in government where I can use my knowledge of public health to make changes in our healthcare system. Outside of class, I’m a proud member and peer mentor for Leadership House. I also stay involved with SA and RHA, as well as being an active member of Aces Tennis. Outside of UB, I work for the New York State Assembly as a staffer and sing in the group Lock City Sound as a tenor! I’m always willing to talk to students and answer any questions you may have about public health or beyond!

Aria Grisham.

Aria Grisham

Hi, I'm Aria! I'm a sophomore in the honors college majoring in public health with a minor in German. I have always loved public health. When I was ten years old, I decided firmly that I would one day be an epidemiologist, and, after all of these years, that dream has held true! After graduating, I plan to get my MS in epidemiology, and I would like to eventually work in infectious disease research. Outside of schoolwork, I am the secretary of Rotaract, secretary of the Public Health Club, and I also volunteer at the Tool Library. I am currently aiming to graduate early, which has led me to gain a lot of knowledge about the BS in public health program, and I'm also very involved in activities outside of my degree, so I'm always available to chat about the BS program, time management, or how to get involved with other opportunities within SPHHP!

Daniel Fakayode.

Daniel Fakayode

Hey everyone! My name is Daniel, and I am currently a senior majoring in public health. When I first enrolled at UB, I was a pharmacy student in our 4+2 PharmD program. After spending a year within that focus, I realized that it wasn’t something that I found interest in. I thought engineering might be a good route for me, so I changed sophomore year to computer science. Again, I quickly realized that that wasn’t for me either. Over the summer, I did a lot of research on the majors that UB had to offer that aligned with what I had interest in. Finally, I came across public health. I read the bio on it and did a lot of research and watched many YouTube videos on what exactly public health was, and how I can use it to make an impact.

My aspirations currently are to go into the master’s program with a concentration in healthcare administration and reach the level of being a hospital administrator. Outside of my academic lifestyle, I work as a representative at our Office of Admissions, participate in research in the Nutrition and Health Research Laboratory, and I love to play video games on my PlayStation. Don’t ever hesitate to click the contact information below to ask me questions! 

Ian Wong.

Ian Wong

I am currently a junior majoring in public health in the honors college. I switched to the public health major during my freshman year due to my freshman seminar (PUB 199). This class opened my eyes and fascinated me in the field of public health and the operations on world populations that occur behind the scenes that people are rarely aware of. I aspire to contribute to this grand cause of improving the health of the public through the field of epidemiology. I am preparing to apply to the 3+2 MPH program here at UB by the end of the 2022-2023 academic year to then work towards a PhD in epidemiology so I may gain as many connections and as much knowledge as I can to hopefully influence the public health community to further improve the world and its health. I am eager to spread the importance of public health especially as this field has gained more publicity in recent years due to the rise of COVID. In experiencing the hindrances that this pandemic invokes first-hand, I understand and relate to how frustrating and difficult the process of searching for opportunities and reaching out to others for advice is. I hope to alleviate some stress for upcoming undergraduates by providing as much information and helpful resources as possible in regards to the school of public health alongside the undergraduate experience itself.

Shadine Stoney headshot.

Shadine Stoney

Greetings! My name is Shadine, and I am a junior currently majoring in public health. I enrolled in UB in 2021, and, needless to say, my college experience has been quite a roller coaster of unexpected twists and turns. Initially, I was majoring in biochemistry, but after feeling disconnected from my classes, I switched my major to global affairs since I had a burgeoning interest in international politics. Then, after reassessing my career goals, I decided that I should switch to public health because, to me, it is the perfect mix between physical science and social science. I believe that my past struggles and achievements at UB have helped to build me as a person--socially, academically and professionally. I want this ambassadorship to give me the opportunity to truly connect with other students that are interested in public health and want to learn more about the growing field, unsure about their goals or future, or students that would like to gain insight on working within our School of Public Health and Health Professions (SPHHP) department on campus. So, if you have any burning questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to me as I am always open and available to chat!

Fatima Makama headshot.

Fatima Makama

Hi, I'm Fatima! I am a junior in the honors college majoring in public health with minors in biological sciences and English. I'm incredibly passionate about public health, with specific interests in women's health, sexual and domestic violence prevention, reproductive justice, and storytelling. My plan is to pursue an MD/MPH and build a career that combines both medicine and public health. Outside of schoolwork, I am a research assistant at the Maternal and Child Health Lab, researching the effects of pulse consumption on pregnancy and child outcomes. In addition, I am the Vice President of Islamic Relief Buffalo, Vice President of the Medicine through Literature Book Club, and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Buffalo. I also volunteer my time at Justice for Migrant Families through the phone line, and at the YWCA of Niagara Frontier as a Volunteer Advocate.

If you ever have any questions regarding resources and opportunities in relation to the Public Health program at UB, please let me know, as I'd be happy to help!

Nathali headshot.

Nathalie Lopez

Hi! I'm Nathalie and I'm currently a junior in the Honors College studying public health. I decided to major in public health back in 2021 on a whim, and grew to love the field and everything it entails. So far I've learned so much about what health looks like in different communities and the factors that contribute, especially appreciating the strengths in each of those communities! I plan on applying to the 3+2 MPH program by the end of the school year in hopes of being able to expand my knowledge and passion for the field. I've grown to have a great interest in harm reduction and the importance it plays in community health and have planned to take classes in the fall about the topic.

Outside of academics, I love to spend time with friends and my cat and explore new places in Buffalo since I'm from New York City. I'm here as a resource and to help with any questions or concerns you may have about the school of public health, UB, or life in general!

Saffa headshot.

Saffa Shaikh

Hi, I'm Saffa! I'm currently a senior majoring in public health. I initially began my journey at UB as a biomedical sciences major. However, I found it wasn't something that spiked my curiosity. Soon after, the COVID-19 crisis hit, which led me to explore the field of public health in more depth. Since, I have been very curious about public health and the vast impact it can pose on the people. After completing my undergraduate degree at UB, I am aiming to get direct enrollment into a PhD program for epidemiology. I am eager to explore the field of public health and, more specifically, areas of disease control. I can relate to the hindrances that one may encounter through the process of finding what's right for you, and I am here to help anyone who may have any questions or concerns regarding this. Don't hesitate to contact me through any of the platforms below. Looking forward to connecting with you. 

2022-2023 Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Ambassadors

Tyler Cook.

Tyler Cook

Hey everyone! My name is Tyler, and I am a third-year exercise science major here at Buffalo. I'm a transfer student from Alfred University, where I originally majored in athletic training. However, I had a change of heart and decided to switch my major to exercise science upon transferring in 2020. My goal is to obtain my doctorate of physical therapy here at Buffalo, and I plan to do that through the 3+3 combined program. Shadowing and volunteer work sealed the deal for me, as I knew physical therapy was the right option for me. Transferring to UB was a great decision for me as the opportunities here are endless.

I grew up in Syracuse, N.Y., and attended West Genesee High School. Growing up, I played football and basketball. In my free time I still love to toss a football around and shoot hoops. My favorite pastime is going to the gym, as it's a way for me to decompress. I'm super excited to be given the role of ambassador. If you have any questions don't be afraid to reach out! Good luck this school year!

Alexandra Judge.

Alexandra Judge

I am a third-year exercise science major in the Honors College with a track towards the 3+3 Physical Therapy program. I have always wanted to be a physical therapist, but it is my experiences at UB that helped me confirm this profession. While at UB, I have really enjoyed my classes, specifically the exercise science major ones, as I have loved learning about the effects of exercise on our overall health. Majoring in exercise science has helped me realize all how people can benefit by implementing regular exercise into their routine. I can’t wait to enter the job field and lead people to recovery through physical therapy. Some of my hobbies including reading, running, and spending time with my dog. I’ve lived in Buffalo for eight years now, and I really like all of the opportunities and the tight-knit community here. I’m very excited to start this role as an exercise science ambassador, and feel free if you have any questions about a student’s perspective as an exercise science major. 

Megan Weber.

Megan Weber

I am currently a senior at the University of Buffalo majoring in exercise science and minoring in nutrition. I plan to further my education by applying to doctorate of physical therapy schools to begin in fall of 2023. I am very interested in pursuing a career in orthopedic or geriatrics physical therapy and incorporating my nutritional education into my career. I am extremely passionate about advocating for the physical therapy occupation as well. Throughout my experience at UB, shadowing opportunities, and extensive number of volunteer hours I have come to appreciate health and wellness even more and hope to adjust how health care is practiced.

Adriana Zieba Rosa.

Adriana Zieba Rosa

I am currently a senior majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Public Health. After my undergraduate career, I plan on going on to graduate school to get a masters degree in Athletic Training. My ultimate goal is to work as an Athletic Trainer for a high school- or college-level sports team. I found my passion for the field through athletics, most specifically interacting with my Athletic Trainer from high school. I learned a lot from him and want to impact other students' lives, as he did mine. After working with the Women’s Volleyball team here at UB, I am confident in my career decision. I’m always happy to talk about my experiences here at UB whether that be within the ES department, campus involvements or anything other questions you may have. Feel free to reach out!