Connect with a Current Undergrad

Do you have questions about what it's like being a student in our school? Connect with one of our student ambassadors! They are chosen as representatives for our school and academic programs in the community, and at student and professional events locally and nationally.   

2020-2021 Public Health Ambassadors


Svetlana Mary Bhalla

I am an international student born and raised in Dubai, U.A.E., currently a senior doing a dual degree in public health (BS) and health and human services (BA) with a minor in American Sign Language (ASL) and social justice. When I first joined UB I knew that I wanted to pursue social work, but UB doesn’t offer social work as an undergraduate degree, so I joined in with an undecided major. I took several classes in different health fields and soon realised that my interest in health did not only lie at the individual level, but also at the public level. Going ahead towards grad school, I’m applying for a dual master's in social work and business administration. I have worked as an intern at CAO drug abuse research and treatment, volunteered with the Red Cross’s disaster relief program, and I am currently on the e-board of the ASL club and a student manager at campus dining and shops here at UB. On a personal note, I love to travel, write, take photographs, cook and bake.

Daniel Chan.

Daniel Chan

I am currently a senior pursuing my bachelor’s in public health. I’ve always been interested in learning about how public health affects everyone whether that is on an individual or population level. What I love about public health is that life is always evolving and we’re always learning as we go. I have a deep passion for changing lives through health and fitness by building lifelong sustainable habits in order to live the happiest and longest life possible. My goal in life is to make an impact on this world and change as many lives as possible. I hope that with my passions and knowledge, I’ll be able to serve my community and educate others on the importance of public health in order to make this world a better place for all of us.

Ayan Deria.

Ayan Deria

I am currently a junior in the Public Health BS program with a minor in Social Justice. I have always had an interest in the health care field and learning about how public health affects everyone on an individual and population basis. Throughout my time here at UB, I've learned just how important this field is and how crucial health and well-being is to the world specifically at crucial times like the time we are living in and how we can progress. I plan to further my education by pursuing my master's with a concentration in epidemiology, in hopes to use these skills to address health inequity for vulnerable populations and working to eliminate these barriers that hinder communities on a local and global basis.

Prathanashree Khadka Chhetri.

Prathanashree Khadka Chhetri

I am currently a senior pursuing my bachelor’s in public health. Throughout my life I've grown around the idea to always be a good Samaritan, meaning to always find a way to help and serve others who are in need and less fortunate than yourself. Keeping to this state of mind has led me to pursue a path in public health, a major that centers around preparing me to have the ability and knowledge to improve the health of individuals and the population in my community. After I finish my undergraduate degree, I plan on pursuing my master’s in public health here at the University at Buffalo so I can better help my community in the future. Coming from a third-world country with limited health care, I understand how important preventive care is when it comes to diseases and other health problems that could have been avoided if simple health measures were taken early on. I want to be able to work with underprivileged communities in a way so that they can live a better life.

Naomi Lazurus.

Naomi Lazurus

I am currently a junior majoring in Public Health and Law with a minor in Spanish. I have always had a love for public health and finding out the best treatment for our communities, not just the individual. My family has always taught me that the smallest change starts at home, so I first became very interested in politics and change at a local level. During my time at UB, I have been a part of various organizations as well as work in a Biological Science research lab. I thoroughly enjoy working in research as it challenges me to view a problem from a viewpoint I may not know well. I currently work in a lab studying axonal transport in neurodegenerative diseases like Huntington's and Parkinson's. After I finish my undergraduate studies, I plan on attending law school in the hope of developing policies and becoming an advocate for the communities that need it the most. I want to be a part of our country's change for a healthier, more equitable future for all of its people, and public health has allowed me the room to grow.

Annamarie Malik.

Annamarie Malik

I am a senior pursuing a bachelor of public health degree with a minor in nutrition. Last year I decided to switch to public health because I discovered that exercise science was not for me. My first year here I took an introduction to public health course and that started my interest in the field of public health. Since then I have incorporated public health into different parts of my academic experience. I worked with a group to partner with the Lighthouse Free Medical Clinic in order to create a resource for them to distribute to their patients. I have also joined a research project that focuses on health in different community settings. That project is what sparked my interest in the community health aspect of public health. I hope to attend graduate school and pursue my masters of public health with a concentration in community health. My career goal has always been to help people. I feel that working in community health in the future either in the state/local government or at a non-profit, I will be able to make the most difference and help communities.

Chelsea Shuren.

Chelsea Shuren

I am currently a junior in the Public Health BS program! I began as a Biology major on the pre-med track, but I truly found my passion for epidemiology and the field of public health during my Sophomore year when I transferred into the School of Public Health and Health Professions. I hope to continue here at UB to get my Master's Degree in Public Health. I have always had the end goal of using my education to give back and help the community and Public Health lets me do that. I currently serve as an officer in Circle K International, a community service-based club I'm apart of at UB. We've been working on construction downtown at a Medical Facility for low-income families since I was a freshman and it's been rewarding to see it progress throughout the years and I hope I'll be able to see it up and running in the new future. I hope to be able to continue to give back to the community as I further my education in Public Health.

2021-2022 Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Ambassadors

Jen Limer.

Jen Limer

I am currently a junior at the University at Buffalo, majoring in exercise science, minoring in public health, and a member of the Honors College. I will be earning my doctorate in physical therapy through the 3+3 program here at UB in the upcoming years. Through my time at UB, I have been fortunate to receive motivation and inspiration from those around me, whether it be friends, family, professors, TAs, or advisors. I have always gained great strength from the encouragement of those who wholeheartedly believe in me, and I am excited to be that person for all of the future patients I work with. As a long time athlete, I have a passion for health and for finding new activities to keep me moving. My friends and I have fun times sledding during the Buffalo winters and getting out to take sunset walks in the spring. This is something that I love about exercise science, that we get to work hard in the classroom with other passionate students, and then go out and use all the skills we have learned in so many different aspects of our lives. There are so many opportunities in this program, and I am thrilled I get to take advantage of them and make my mark on healthcare.

Nayab Mesfun.

Nayab Mesfun

My name is Nayab Mesfun and I am a junior Exercise Science major with a concentration in pre-physical therapy and a minor in Nutrition. I am pursing my bachelor’s in exercise science and then hope to move on to achieve my DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. I aspire to be a future Physical Therapist, although I am contemplating between becoming a Physician’s Assistant as well. I have always loved science and the medical field, and through my various shadowing and volunteering experiences have come to appreciate both careers and areas of study. This, combined with my love and yearning to help others, has led me down the path of Exercise Science.

I am both a first-generation American and student, with immigrant parents from Eritrea, and am happy to share my experiences and advice with adjusting and acclimating to college and collegiate life. I also enjoy getting involved in my community and throughout UB and have been apart of multiple clubs while attending. I have served on the Resident Hall Council as a Senator for my freshmen dorm, have been on the E-Board of MAPS (the Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students) as the Volunteer Coordinator and currently serve as the Activities Coordinator, and have been an active member of both the BSU (Black Student Association) and ASA (African Student Association) to garner a community and connect to my roots while at UB. I additionally volunteer and shadow regularly at the Pediatric and Adolescent Urgent Care of WNY here in Buffalo.

I am excited to be an ES Ambassador and am more than happy to help with any of your needs. I have experiences as a first-gen student, living on and off-campus, with leadership positions in clubs, volunteering and shadowing, working while in school, and much more, and can assist with understanding and becoming accustomed to life as a UB student. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or help you may need and I am excited to get to know you more. Good luck!

Adriana Zieba Rosa.

Adriana Zieba Rosa

I am currently a junior majoring in Exercise Science with a concentration in Exercise Physiology. Originally, I was in the 3+3 Physical Therapy program but decided to switch to the 3+2 program in Athletic Training instead. I am from Long Beach, NY so I love going to the beach and participating in outdoor activities. I hope to work as an Athletic Trainer for a high school, college or professional level sports teams.

On campus, I am involved with the intercultural and diversity center holding a position as diversity advocate. We celebrate, educate and advocate for diversity on campus through a number of programs. In addition, I am the publicity coordinator for the Latin American Student Association, a club where I have made some of my closest friends.

Both of these positions have allowed me to become very engaged in the campus community which is something I plan to continue with this position. Lastly, I am in the Daniel Ackers Scholars program as well as CSTEP.