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Wenjie Ji

Rehab Science PhD Student Ji Wenjie.

Ji Wenjie is a current student in the Rehabilitation Science PhD program at the University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions.

Why did you choose rehabilitation science as a discipline?

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Therapy at Tongji University in Shanghai, China, but actually trained as a physical therapist. During my undergraduate study, I developed an interest in scientific research regarding rehabilitation science. To contribute in providing more evidence for physical therapy practice, I believe a doctoral-level study in rehabilitation science would be a necessary step to get on the research path.

Why UB?

I received my master’s degree in exercise science at UB, and I have never hesitated to put UB as my first choice to continue my graduate study. I love its alluring campus, compassionate environment and inspiring research atmosphere. All the faculty and staff are welcoming, and I feel warm and safe at UB.

How has your work and/or experience of your discipline evolved at UB?

As a physical therapist student, I was taught mostly in the way to serve my clinical practice. However, the disarray in our rehabilitation scientific foundation prompts me to change my career plan to work as a researcher. Now, as a PhD student, I am devoting myself into research in rehabilitation field and hopefully, I can fill in some knowledge gaps to provide useful information for evidence-based physical therapy practice.

What is your favorite part of your program?

I enjoy collaborating with faculty and students from multidisciplinary fields, which has always been enlightening and inspiring. Curricula provided by this program are also helpful for developing basic concept of rehabilitation research and professionalism in rehabilitation field.

What advice would you give students considering rehabilitation science as a program and/or career?

It’s not easy to be a PhD student considering you need to balance your academia and work with your personal life. Your passion for research would be a key to help you firmly “walk” on the research route. Besides, it’s important that you take care of yourself (eat well, do exercise, sleep well…) and enjoy studying in this program because it will reflect on how you learn.

What's next for you?

I’m thinking to complete a post-doctoral degree after graduating from the Rehabilitation Science PhD program; however, it’s still too early to determine for now. Since my career plan is to combine research with teaching, I think eventually, I would like to find a teaching position in a university.