Rehabilitation Science PhD

Dr. Sue Ann Sisto measures a participant's gait with 3-D motion caputre cameras and wireless EMG sensors.

Personalize your program of study by developing research and exploring the areas of rehabilitation science that interest you most.

UB's Rehabilitation Science PhD program prepares future researchers and academicians in rehabilitation-related fields such as: physical therapy; occupational therapy; kinesiology; biomechanics; and assistive technology. 

Our interdisciplinary curriculum offers a theoretical understanding of rehabilitation science: the study of physical, musculoskeletal, psychological and functional disorders in humans. 

The PhD program's emphasis on research provides the practical skills needed to investigate key issues in the field. You will be mentored and actively engaged in research and scholarship aimed at improving the health of both individuals and populations. 


You will gain valuable experience in identifying and addressing major research questions by designing, conducting and publishing research throughout the PhD program.

You can investigate areas that are most significant to you through a faculty mentor match.

Who Should Apply

Applicants may come from varied backgrounds, such as:

  • Occupational Therapy                         
  • Physical Therapy                                  
  • Exercise Science                                  
  • Kinesiology                                           
  • Athletic Training                                   
  • Biomechanics                                      
  • Engineering                                         
  • Assistive Technology                           
  • Architecture – Universal Design        
  • Neuroscience                                      
  • Neurology/Neurorehabilitation
  • Physiology
  • Community Health Behavior
  • Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Mental Health
  • Chiropractic
  • Medicine
  • Prosthetics/orthotics
  • Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Lifespan physiology – pediatrics through geriatrics


There is a critical need for researchers and faculty in the areas of disability and rehabilitation and this program prepares you for both.  In addition, advisement is available for those students who wish to pursue post-doctoral training.


  1. Our graduates will successfully obtain faculty positions at research-intensive universities. 
  2. Our graduates will contribute to science through the development of innovative research programs. 
  3. Our graduates will publish in peer-reviewed journals. 

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