Tech Reports

Our faculty and students produce brief, scientific reports about software and statistical methods.

Number   Description
0601 Putative Null Distributions Corresponding to Tests of Differential Expression in the Golden Spike Dataset are Intensity Dependent
0602 Estimating the Arm-Wise False Discovery Rate in Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization Experiments
0605 Diagnostic Plots for Radiation Hybrid Maps
0606 Quality Control Metrics for Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization Data
0607 aCGH Normalizing Algorithm
0608 A Method for Utilizing Bivariate Efficacy Outcome Measures to Screen Agents for Activity in 2-Stage Phase II Clinical Trials
0701 A Statistical Derivation of Thresholds for Bioterrorism Monitoring of Daily Cases of Flu-Like Symptoms
0702 R/Cpp: Interface Classes to Simplify Using R Objects in C++ Extensions
0801 Utilizing the Flexibility of the Epsilon-Skew-Normal Distribution for Tobit Regression Problems
0802 An R Library to Create Portable Platform Independent Interactive Plots With Too-Tip Contect
0803 A Tutorial for the Sendplot R Package
0805 An Application of Mixed Effects Mixed Distribution (MEMD) Model for Longitudinal Patient-Reported Outcomes Data with Many Zeros
0812 Empirical and Parametric Likelihood Interval Estimations for Populations Containing Many Zero Values With Application to the "Organochlorine Pesticide Exposure and Risk of Endometriosis" Study
0901 An Overview of Normal Theory Structural Measurement Error Models
0902 A Generalized Linear Model Approach to Estimating and Testing the Equality of Conditional Correlations
0903 SAS Macro for Estimating the Standard Error of Area Under the Curve with an Application to Receiver Operating Curves
0904 Epsilon-Skew-Binormal Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curves
0905 A Practical and Powerful Method to Control the Generalized Family Wise Error Rate in Multiple Testing
0906 iGenomic Viewer: R Package for Visualization of High Dimension Genomic Data
0907 Multidimensional Median Filters for Finding Bumps
0908 Log-Epsilon-Skew Normal Distribution and Applications
0909 A Tutorial for the iGenomic Viewer R Package
1001 Bootstrap MSE Estimators to Obtain Bandwidth for Kernel Density Estimation
1002 Exact Two-Stage Designs for Phase II Clinical Trials with Rank-Based Endpoints
1003 Linkage Analysis for Misclassified Markers
1004 Some Exact and Approximations for the Distribution of the Realized False Discovery Rate
1101 Two-Stage K-Sample Designs For the Ordered Alternative Problem
1102 A Modification of a Percentile Estimation Procedure Based on Generalized Polya Urns
1103 An Efficient and Exact Approach for Detecting Trends with Binary Endpoints
1104 A New Linear Model-Based Approach for Inferences About the Mean Area Under the Curve
1105 Some Tests for Detecting Trends Based on the Modified Baumgartner-WeiB-Schindler Statistics
1106 dbEmpLikeGOF: An R Package for Nonparametric Likelihood Ratio Tests for Goodness-of-Fit and Two Sample Comparisons Based on Sample Entropy
1107 A Novel Approach to Testing for Bioequivalence Based on Modeling the Within-Period Dependence Structure
1201 Analytical Problems and Suggestions in the Analysis of Behavioral Economic Demand Curves
1202 A Full Analysis of Imputation Procedures for Affymetrix Gene Expression Datasets

A Novel Characterization of the Generalized Family Wise Error Rate Using Empirical Null Distributions

R Software for KFWER Tech Report


Empirical Likelihood Based Posterior Expectation: from Nonparametric Posterior Means via Double Empirical Bayesian Estimators to Nonparametric Versions of the James-Stein Estimator


1401 Estimating Empirical Null Distributions for Chi-Squared and Gamma Statistics with Application to Multiple Testing in RNA-Seq
1501 The Parametric t-test's Latent Weakness

Identification of Consistent Functional Genetic Modules



testforDEP: an R Package for data driven tests and visualization tools for independence


1702 A novel exact method for significance of higher criticism via Steck's determinant 
1802 Identification of supervised and sparse functional genomic pathways
1901 Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis Under Extended Tree or Umbrella Ordering
1902 The Polar Refresh; Updating Emanuel Parzen's Buffalo NY Snowfall Dataset
2201 Exceedance control of the false discovery proportion via high precision inversion method of Berk Jones statistics
2301 Optimal Cut-Point Selection Methods When Subclasses are Involved Under Binary Classification
2401 Statistical methods for comparing two independent Exponential-gamma means with application to single cell protein data