Alcohol, Mortality and Ethnicity

Title: Alcohol, Mortality and Ethnicity in US

Principal Investigator: Carlos Crespo, DrPH

Funding Agency: National Institute for Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism

Period: 09/30/04 - 08/31/06 (grant transferred to Portland State Univ 9/05)

Abstract: Carlos Crespo left the department in 2005 and transferred the grant with him to Portland State University.

The 1988 Alcohol and 1990 Health Promotion Disease Prevention supplements of the US National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) offer a unique chance to explore the relationships between different dimensions of alcohol consumption with all causes and cause-specific mortality in different ethnic groups in the US. The NHIS is a representative cross-sectional survey of the civilian, non-institutionalized US population and will be utilized to investigate the association between dimensions of alcohol intake and mortality in the major US minority groups. The results will provide important background data for shaping ethnicity-specific preventive measures for avoiding alcohol-related burden of disease.