Lab Support for Students

The following information applies to the PC Labs in Cary 235, Farber 265 and 279, and now the basement student area.

Student Username

Your username is the same as your UBIT email username.

Student Print Quotas

A network printer is located in each lab. Printouts in Cary 235 have a banner page with your UBIT username. Printouts in Farber 265 and 279 are not preceded by a banner page.

There is also a computer and printer in the basement student area available 24/7.

Currently, network printers have print quotas of 650 pages per semester per student. This is a university policy initiated by the iPrint Team and not our school. To maintain this policy, we must minimize replacement costs for paper and ink cartridges.

  • Faculty should not use color backgrounds in their PowerPoint presentations
  • Faculty should not use yellow or white in their PowerPoint presentations
  • Students should print out PowerPoint presentations as handouts with 3-6 slides per page

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