UB’s Campaign Goal is Even Bolder

President Satish Tripathi announces UB’s $1 billion campaign goal at a podium in front of a masked crowd.

President Satish Tripathi announces UB’s $1 billion campaign goal at a news conference on April 29.

Earlier this year, the 175th anniversary of the University at Buffalo’s founding, the university announced its intention to extend its Boldly Buffalo fundraising campaign to a goal of $1 billion.

When the campaign launched publicly in 2018, its goal was $650 million. Donors, alumni and friends, however, have already committed more than $711 million to the university, paving the way for the even more lofty target.

The Boldly Buffalo campaign has clearly made a difference. From new or renovated spaces and an influx of scholarship dollars to more than 30 new endowed faculty positions and investments in UB’s research enterprise, donors are helping propel UB forward. Even during the COVID-19 crisis, UB alumni and friends continued to show their support for the university by contributing nearly $715,000 toward student and health science emergency funds.

The Boldly Buffalo campaign plays a pivotal role in UB President Satish K. Tripathi’s aim of having the university join the ranks of the top 25 public research universities in the nation. Building on what donors have already made possible, the continuing Boldly Buffalo campaign will:

  • enhance UB’s research portfolio.
  • add additional funding for endowed faculty positions to attract more world-class researchers to UB.
  • increase the availability of scholarships for students to attract and retain the most ambitious of them, and to provide the experiential learning opportunities that prepare them to lead in an evolving world.
  • modernize the university’s built environment to support student and faculty scholars in the spaces where they discover and innovate.

UB continues its efforts to accelerate the pace of discovery, make world-class education more accessible, and prepare students to lead in a rapidly evolving world. The extension of the Boldly Buffalo campaign positions UB to enhance its societal relevance and impact for the next 175 years–and well beyond.