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Season 3: Substance Use Disorders (SUDs)

Cheryll Moore

Director, Erie County Opiate Epidemic Task Force; Medical Care

Sep. 07, 2023 | 25.59 minutes

In this eye-opening episode, Cheryll Moore, a local expert in substance use disorders, sheds light on this critical issue in Erie County and beyond. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Moore delves into the intricate web of factors contributing to the epidemic, from socioeconomic disparities to access to treatment. She discusses the importance of community-based interventions and harm reduction strategies, emphasizing the urgent need for a comprehensive public health approach. Moore's insights offer a compelling call to action for policymakers and citizens alike, highlighting the imperative of addressing substance use disorder as a public health crisis that demands our collective attention and empathy.


Cheryll Moore.

Cheryll Moore

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