Leadership and Administration

Our leadership and administration support and set the tone for our school's research, teaching and learning agendas, as well as our commitment to public service and diversity.

Jean Wactawski-Wende.


Jean Wactawski-Wende, PhD, was appointed dean of the school in March of 2015. She also serves as professor in the department of epidemiology and environmental health.

R Lorraine Collins.

Associate Dean for Research

R. Lorraine Collins, PhD, leads the school’s effort to promote, facilitate and sustain research productivity and excellence. She also serves as professor in the department of community health and health behavior.

Jo Freudenheim.

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Gaspar A. Farkas oversees the school’s academic standards and student support services. He also serves as associate professor of exercise and nutrition sciences.

Associate Dean for Translational and Team Sciences

Katia Noyes, PhD, MPH leads the school’s cross-disciplinary collaborative efforts to promote research translation and implementation. She also directs the Buffalo Clinical and Translation Science Institute’s Workforce Development Core and serves as Director of the Division of Health Services Policy and Practice.

Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Heather Orom, PhD, leads the school's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. She is associate professor, director of graduate studies in the department of community health and health behavior.

Associate Dean for Strategy, Planning, and Operations

Redfern serves as the dean’s chief advisor while working to integrate strategy and planning within day-to-day operational effectiveness, focusing on growth, efficiency and overall advancement. In conjunction with the Dean and the school’s leadership, he is responsible for identifying opportunities and threats, gathering data and information to support decision-making, formulating plans, implementing initiatives, assessing and reporting progress, and identifying and exploring issues and solutions.

Department Chairs