Meet Our Staff

We strive to have a team approach to student services. One of our staff members will assist you with all of your advising and student services needs. 

Undergraduate Academic Programs Leadership and Staff

Gaspar Farkas.

Gaspar Farkas, PhD

Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

Jillian Reading.

Jillian Reading, PhD

Assistant Dean/Director of Student Affairs

416 Kimball


Pedro J. Sotelo-Peryea.

Pedro J. Sotelo-Peryea, MS

Director, Academic Advising Initiatives

415 Kimball Tower


Eann Robinson.

Eann Robinson, MS

Assistant Director, Academic Advising Initiatives

411 Kimball Tower


Cassandra Walker-Whiteside.

Cassandra Walker-Whiteside, MS

Senior Academic Advisor

Student Services and Recruitment

412 Kimball Tower


Kristy Happ.

Kristy Happ, MEd

Academic Advisor & Affilliation Agreement Coordinator

417 Kimball Tower


Nicolle Barsch, academic advisor.

Nicolle Barsch

Academic Advisor

417 Kimball Tower

Phone: 716-829-6803


Karli DeGraw, success coach.

Karli DeGraw

Success Coach

418 Kimball Tower


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Complaint / Grievance Policy

The University at Buffalo encourages the prompt resolution of grievances filed by students as they arise, and provides procedures for the formal consideration and resolution of complaints that cannot be resolved through consultation. You can access information about filing a complaint or grievance for unfair or inequitable application of any University or School regulation here.