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The Office of Undergraduate Student Services is responsible for the advisement of all students who are intending on pursuing Public Health, Occupational Therapy, Statistics, Exercise Science, Exercise Science/Athletic Training, Nutrition or Pre-Physical Therapy at UB during their pre-requisite phase. We also advise students throughout the Statistics BA, Public Health BS, and all School of Public Health and Health Professions minor programs. Our offices are located in 104A-C Kimball Tower on the South Campus. 

Meet Our Staff

We strive to have a team approach to student services. One of our staff members will assist you with all of your advising and student services needs. 

Undergraduate Academic Programs Leadership and Staff

Gaspar Farkas.

Gaspar Farkas, PhD

Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

Jillian Reading.

Jillian Reading, PhD

Assistant Dean/Director of Student Affairs

416 Kimball Tower


Pedro J. Sotelo-Peryea.

Pedro J. Sotelo-Peryea, MS

Director, Academic Advising Initiatives

415 Kimball Tower


Cassandra Walker-Whiteside.

Cassandra Walker-Whiteside, MS

Senior Academic Advisor

Student Services and Recruitment

412 Kimball Tower


Kristy Happ.

Kristy Happ, MEd

Academic Advisor & Affiliation Agreement Coordinator

405 Kimball Tower


Nicolle Barsch, academic advisor.

Nicolle Barsch

Academic Advisor

404 Kimball Tower


Melique Young headshot.

Melique Young, MS

Academic Advisor

417 Kimball Tower


Karli DeGraw, success coach.

Karli DeGraw

Success Coach

418 Kimball Tower


Lindsey Martin.

Lindsey Martin

Academic Advisor

411 Kimball Tower


Scheduling an Appointment

If you would like to schedule an academic advisement appointment, please email us at or schedule online. When emailing please be sure to provide your name, phone number, purpose of your appointment, your person number, and the best dates and times for us to schedule you.

Educational Pathways

Changing Your Major

To change an undergraduate plan prior to enrollment, you should contact the UB Office of Admissions.

Once you are enrolled, you can make changes via a web form. Please click the link below to be taken to the academic plan change page. 

Student Resources

Are you experiencing unanticipated circumstances that are preventing you from moving forward with your education? Consider the UB student emergency fund.