Requirements and Curriculum

Our program provides you with a calculus-based foundation in probability and statistics before progressing into numerous areas of application.  

The minor requires seven courses, for a total of 26 credits, and a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the first three prerequisite or lower-division courses.

Lower-Division Courses

These courses will introduce you to the statistical concepts developed in the upper-division courses.

  • MTH 141, College Calculus I
  • MTH 142, College Calculus II
  • STA 119 Introduction to Statistical Methods

Upper-Division Courses

  • STA 301 Introduction to Probability
  • STA 302 Introduction to Statistical Inference
  • STA 403 Regression Analysis
  • STA 404 Analysis-of-Variance

Refer to the department’s Undergraduate Student Handbook for additional information.