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Darryl George, MA

Darryl George.

Studying biostatistics was a natural outgrowth of Darryl George’s long-time fascination with math and its useful application.

“Biostatistics students not only gain a theoretical understanding of the field, but they apply what they have learned in class to practical research,” said George, who chose to attend UB for its strong academic reputation and affordability.

Professional and Personal Development

In addition to the career preparation, George said he appreciated the opportunities for personal development that the master’s degree program offered.

“The most enjoyable aspect of the program was the profound sense of belonging in a group of like-minded, passionate people who challenge and support one another,” he said.  “Those relationships helped me grow as a student.

“The faculty were also very approachable and supportive,” he continued. “They have experience working as professionals in the biostatistics field and by sharing these real-life experiences, they provided me with a better understanding of my expectations for the future.”