NtK Model Tools for Technical, Marketing and Business Analysis

The following summarizes the full range of analytic tools found within the NtK Model for Commercial Devices, listed and summarized (red toolbox icon) as examples of the types of tools that are designed to accomplish the type of analysis required to complete a given Step or Task. 

Examples of the tools are sorted according to the expertise (competency group) required to successfully apply them:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Business
  • Universal Design

The Science/Engineering tools address design, fabrication, construction and testing issues. The Business tools concern the competitive market factors likely to influence pricing, deployment, marketing and promotion. The Universal Design tools relate to the features and functions of the product, environment and customer interaction that influence utility and value.

New Product Development

People engaged in new product development need to know about the full range of analysis required throughout the process. They need to know about the tools and associated expertise necessary to perform the required analysis, and they need to be able to budget the money and time resources required to apply them. Performing the required analysis generates data that contributes to a project’s progress within an Activity Stage, while also compiling information necessary to making sound choices at each Decision Gate. People who don’t properly apply these analysis naively depend on good fortune and serendipity for their project’s ultimate success.

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