Stage 8 — Launch Product Innovation

 Sell product in the marketplace and respond to consumer inquiries and problems. 

Steps 8.1 through 8.4

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Step 8.1

Initiate production and launch product.

Step 8.2

Provide product support in field. Determine if/how Product will be serviced or repaired, and how this offer will be communicated to customers.

Provide technical/sales/marketing support as needed.

Step 8.3

Monitor product performance in market. Determine what warranty — if any — will be made for repair/replacement.

Continue providing technical/sales/marketing support as needed.

Monitor, review and correct technical and production design bugs.

Step 8.4

Troubleshoot and correct problems in product.

Sustain engineering including identification of alternative components in case of discontinuance.

Decision Gate 8

Should production continue, based on the post-production assessment? Review product performance in market to decide whether to sustain resource commitment in context of other business opportunities. If yes, proceed with Stage 9.