Stage 6 — Beta Testing

Generate final form of invention through iterative testing and validation.

Steps 6.1 through 6.4

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Step 6.1

Test beta prototype with target users under controlled lab conditions.

Conduct 'industry standard' beta focus groups.  

Assess barriers to product use (e.g., cost, user requirements, alternatives).  

Step 6.2

Refine beta prototype based on lab test results.

Step 6.3

Test refined beta prototype with target users in the field.

Step 6.4

Refine beta prototype to finalize invention claims.

Decision Gate 6

Should the project continue and go to Production Planning? Determine if the beta prototype invention demonstrates sufficient value (customer and market value), according to the preliminary assessments, SLOT analysis and business case. If yes, continue to Innovation Phase (Stages 7 — 9).  If not, terminate project and apply KT principles to effectively communicate Prototype Invention output to all relevant stakeholders.