Stage 9 — Post-Launch Review

Continue to monitor sales and service inquiries to determine if and when modifications or discontinuance are appropriate. 

Steps 9.1 through 9.3

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Step 9.1

Continue production/delivery, monitoring and support.

Conduct efficacy study in the context of the project's expectations for the product.

Step 9.2

Troubleshoot and correct problems.

Monitor, review and correct technical and production design bugs.

Step 9.3

Review product performance against expectations.

Sustain engineering including identification of alternative components in case of discontinuance.

Review reasons why event occurred.  

Review lessons learned from event and response.

Decision Gate 9

Should production continue? Review performance data and market/competition factors to inform future decisions. If yes, production/delivery continues until a pre-determined milestone to revisit Decision Gate 9. If no, decide if product requires revision, replacement or abandonment, which would determine if process should return to the Discovery Phase, Invention Phase or Production Phase.