Stage 5 — Build and Test Prototype

 Implement engineering development plan.

Steps 5.1 through 5.4

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Step 5.1

Design/specify/acquire components necessary to build functional alpha prototype models of product, as a proof of concept.

Step 5.2

Monitor progress in Step 5.1 according to plan.

Assess barriers to device adoption by intermediary stakeholders. 

Assess barriers to device use by target beneficiaries. 

Step 5.3

Test alpha prototype models under controlled lab conditions, and according to established performance parameters.  

Step 5.4

Make model revisions based on test results to generate beta prototypes.

Decision Gate 5

Should the project continue and go to beta prototype testing? Determine if the beta prototype will solve the problem and is feasible to deploy in the marketplace. Does it demonstrate sufficient value — efficacy/effectiveness/economies — according to the preliminary assessments in Phase I? If yes, continue to Stage 6. If no, terminate or reiterate Stage 5.