Anne Weaver

Anne Weaver standing outside in a grassy area in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Anne Weaver’s global health experience includes analyzing data collected from Kenya about the treatment of diarrhea, and conducting a pilot intervention study about household ventilation and air pollution in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

“I learned so many things working in Bangladesh that can only be learned through experience,” she said. “I learned about the community I was working with, what their daily lives are like, what they value and how we can collaborate.  I also learned the very real challenges and rewards of living, working and conducting research in a foreign country.

“I plan on conducting more research in Bangladesh in the future, building on my prior experiences.  I also hope to eventually work in more areas of the world as this is such a rewarding experience.  I'd like to work in Kenya because my data analysis there made me want to learn more about the country and its people.”