Online Teaching

Your Teaching Innovation and Excellence team is happy to support your instructional design needs. We utilize a systematic approach to course design that is grounded in best practices in curriculum and instruction.

Where do I start?

With the high volume of online learning requests, we kindly ask that all support inquiries, error reports, training and course design needs be submitted through the Teaching Innovation & Excellence ticket system.

Channeling your requests through this system will help prioritize critical needs and ensure an efficient response to all inquiries.

Our Support Services

Available to all public health and health professions instructors, whether you are new to online or blended/hybrid teaching, or if you have online teaching experience.

Pedagogical support

We will consult with you on any aspect of your course, curriculum, or program pedagogy, including:

  • new Online Course Design and Development
  • aligning Objectives with Assessments
  • incorporating Inclusive Pedagogy within instruction
  • building quality learning objectives
  • authentic Assessment Design
  • evaluation and assistance in the use of emerging technologies for instruction

Technology support

We train and support a range of technology resources aimed at enriching your instruction, including:

Guide, Templates and Tips

Semester start: Before beginning a new semester, review the semester-start guide to ensure student success.

End-of-semester: Please review the checklist before submitting final grades and concluding your current term course.

Access the office of the Registrar for official final-grade due dates. Anyone in need of additional support with course grading, final assessments, or final grade submissions are encouraged to make an appointment with our team.

Course design: Use this guide for information on increasing the accessibility of your course content, tips on moving seated courses to online formats, and a recommended style guide to set up an online course and use UB Learns for online content.

Inclusive pedagogy is a student-centered and equity-focused approach to teaching that pays attention to the varied background, learning styles, and abilities of all our learners. It is a method of teaching in which instructors and students work together to create a supportive and open environment that fosters social justice and allows each individual to be fully present and feel equally valued.

Determining how best to incorporate Equity, Diversity and Inclusion into our teaching may be overwhelming. This infographic covers easily adopted inclusive teaching and course design strategies based on universal design principles. Be sure to access the embedded links to learn more about these essential topics.

Online course syllabi template: Guide your development of a syllabus for courses delivered online, or in a hybrid format (a mix of online and seated activities). Download the blank template to create your online or hybrid course syllabus.

Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation (CATT)

UB’s Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation (CATT) seeks to provide the Division of Academic Affairs with expertise and management over a broad range of instructional opportunities and challenges. CATT has a host of resources available, including the following course development and design guides.

CATT assessment consultations

Effective support sometimes necessitates one-on-one guidance. Should you require assessment help from an expert, CATT staff is here for you to schedule a consultation to tackle various challenges.