Waiver Requests

Students must submit waiver requests at least one full semester before their final MPH semester. Failure to do so may delay graduation.

With relevant prior experience and/or graduate education, you may be able to request waivers for:

CHB 544 Field Training

Students waiving the field training requirement must replace credits with additional MPH approved electives. 

Field Training Waiver Request

If you are a public health professional with relevant prior experience, you can request a field training waiver by completing the Waiver Request for Field Training based on previous public health experience.

To be eligible for a waiver, your prior experience must:

  • Have public health practice experience. This may include assessing, monitoring or conducting surveillance of health problems or services in a population; establishing health objectives and priorities for populations/groups; conducting research on population-based health problems; developing policies and intervention strategies to meet public health needs; participating in disease-prevention and health-promotion programs; or studying the natural history of disease- or health-related effects in a population. Individual patient care in a hospital, clinic or physician office setting is not sufficient to be considered public health experience.
  • Meet all MPH field training requirements, including developing at least two products that demonstrate a minimum of five MPH competencies. Learn more about MPH field training requirements.
  • Be at least 120 hours for a three-credit waiver.

Current students can visit the UB Learns MPH Portal and click Field Training to review eligibility criteria and determine if they can request a waiver.