Malt Liquor and Marijuana

A person placing their finger on their smart phone screen.

Using cell phones and interactive voice response technology, R. Lorraine Collins, PhD, is examining the separate and simultaneous use of malt liquor and marijuana among young adults.

Principal Investigator: R. Lorraine Collins, PhD

Funding Agency: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Period: 06/2009-05/2012

Abstract: This project used ecological momentary assessment (cell phones and interactive voice response technology) to examine the separate versus combined use of malt liquor (a cheap high-alcohol beer) and marijuana among young adults (age 18 – 30 years) who regularly use both substances. These young adults may be at high risk for substance dependence and other negative consequences. Knowledge of a variety of episode-specific antecedents and correlates of substance use will help to inform efforts to prevent excessive use and to treat substance-related problems.