Current Research

Our research efforts center on understanding individual- and community-level factors that influence health behavior choices and developing ways to encourage positive behavior change.

  • Alcohol, Self-Control and Intimate Partner Aggression
    Researchers will examine the impact of alcohol and fluctuating levels of self-control on incidents of intimate partner aggression.
  • CARE Study
    The main goal of the CARE Study is to understand who parents/caregivers of pediatric cancer patients turn to for social support and how their support experiences shape family outcomes.
  • Don't Know Responses to Risk Perception Questions: Identifying Mechanisms and Solutions
    We are identifying why people are uncertain about their risk for common illnesses (e.g., colon cancer, diabetes) and ways to reduce this uncertainty.
  • Health Evaluation on the Results of Opioid Intervention Court (HEROIC)
    A research study that will compare participant outcomes for an opioid intervention court versus traditional drug court. 
  • HIV Testing and PrEP Uptake Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men
    This study will explore social and behavioral determinants of HIV testing and uptake of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among young men who have sex with men in Western New York.
  • Operation: SAFETY (Soldiers and Families Excelling Through the Years)
    Operation: SAFETY is a longitudinal research study which examines the health and well-being of U.S. Army Reserve/National Guard Soldiers and their partners.
  • Personal factors, product characteristics, and changes in biomarkers of exposure among cigarette smokers who switch to noncombustible tobacco products
    Researchers will examine factors associated with transitioning from cigarettes to noncombustible tobacco products, like smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes. 
  • Understanding Factors Influencing Treatment Outcomes Among People Living with HIV
    This project explores the relationship between factors that may influence treatment outcomes among people living with HIV in Western New York.
  • Veggie Van
    The Veggie Van study is a research evaluation of mobile markets to determine if they can increase access to healthy food and is designed to help understand the best strategies for running mobile produce markets. The Veggie Van Study team works with partner organizations in several states to start or expand mobile produce market programs and evaluate their impact on lower-income and underserved communities.