EEH 555 Exposure Assessment in Environment Health Research

3 Credits, Fall semester

Prerequisite: none

Provides a graduate-level overview of environmental exposure assessment. Exposure assessment is a key component of environmental health sciences. This class will examine a broad spectrum of environmental hazards (e.g., chemical, biological, and physical hazards) covering all major exposure media (air, water, soil, food, etc.). The course is intended to give students a basic knowledge of the design of environmental monitoring and modeling studies, the techniques and equipment used for sampling and analysis, the interpretation of data, and how to link exposure assessment with environmental health. The course builds on comprehensive training topics, including lectures on basic principles, fieldwork for monitoring, and data analysis, and modeling exercises in the computer lab. Students will be able to apply this knowledge to the assessment of exposure risk in a variety of environmental situations. The linkages among external concentrations, spatial and temporal parameters, exposure pathways (inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact), internal dose, and biomarker expression are developed within the context of environmental exposure and risk assessment.

Format: seated