EEH 610 Fundamentals of Grant Development

3 Credits, Fall Semester

Prerequisites: EEH 501, EEH 502, EEH 505, and STA 527

This course is designed for advanced PhD students who are committed to obtaining extramural support for scientific research. This course involves interactive class discussion of readings focused on planning and writing grants, with emphasis on funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This class covers how to obtain information on funding opportunities, understanding the language of grants, development of the common sections of grant proposals, and understanding the grant review process. This course also involves an introduction to budget planning and Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements for grant submission. All students are required to design and write a research proposal according to NIH guidelines. Students who enroll in the course should have a grant proposal topic of interest to them at the start of class. In addition to class discussions on assigned readings, class time is also be used as a workshop for grant writing and feedback on grant drafts.

Instructor: Millen


This course is designed for advanced doctoral students.