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Christine Abrams

Christine Abrams.

From a young age, Christine Abrams knew she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a physical therapist.

“In the second grade, I went to work with my father on Take Your Child to Work Day,” she explained. “Looking around the rehabilitation gym filled with resistance bands, stability balls and weights, I was intrigued by all of the ‘toys.’ Observing therapists throwing medicine balls to patients or having them run through agility ladders, I was under the impression that therapists got to play all day!”

Now, of course, Abrams realizes the hard work and advanced training and education involved, and is just as enthusiastic about the field. “I will get to enjoy spending time with my patients every day, while also improving their quality of life,” she said. “It’s the perfect career for me."

Abrams completed her undergraduate studies in exercise science at the University of South Carolina. “Though I had four successful years in South Carolina, I had always planned on returning to the city I was born and raised in to complete my schooling,” she said. “Not only do I love Buffalo, but growing up with UB in my backyard, I have always been aware of all it has to offer its students—especially at such a good value. I want to use the education that UB has given me by staying in the area after I graduate to serve the community and make Buffalo an even better place.”

She did have some reservations about returning to the area though. “As the only transfer student into the DPT program, I was worried that everyone would have their own set of friends and it would be difficult for me to ‘break in’ to any groups,” she said. “My fears couldn’t have been any more off base! Even though UB is such a large university, I’ve found my place in it with the DPT program. 

“My classmates have come to feel like an extended family—we have such a great feeling of community. We do everything together including studying, working out, traveling to physical therapy conferences around the country, eating, playing intramural sports and hanging out on weekends. I would feel comfortable calling any of my classmates whenever I need an opinion, help or just wanted to talk. The open atmosphere in the program is wonderful for learning as well as creating lifelong relationships,” she said.

“I also love how the faculty members treat students in the program. They speak to us on the level of colleagues and give us the utmost respect. They do everything they can to help us and encourage us to take every opportunity to apply for scholarships, attend conferences or take research opportunities with other disciplines.”