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Wei Lin

Wei Lin.

Wei Lin says it has been the endless encouragement and support from faculty and peers that he has enjoyed the most about UB's occupational therapy program.

How did you become interested in occupational therapy?

When I was a senior in high school, I had a hand injury that required four weeks of hand therapy. Through that experience working with occupational therapist, I became very interested in the profession. My parents suffered from hand and shoulder pain as a result of their occupations but because of language barriers, they never received the professional care they needed. I felt compelled to help them in any way I could so I began searching the Internet to find a treatment plan. The more I learned about what occupational therapist do, the more interested I became interested in pursuing occupational therapy as a profession.

Why did you choose UB?

I graduated from a small, immigrant-only high school so the thought of attending a large and diverse university really appealed to me. I wanted to interact with a diverse student body which would allow me to improve my use of the English language and learn more about American culture. Perhaps most importantly, the occupational therapy program at UB was ranked very highly in various publications such as the US News and World Report.

Tell us about your course work?

During each semester, we learn different topics and implications of occupational therapy which is very exciting. We've learned about common disease and treatments for upper body extremities as well as the applications of splints. To date, my favorite courses have been in functional anatomy and orthotics.

As far as my research is concerned, I am working closely with my advisor Dr. Lenker on how occupational therapy impacts return to work outcomes. For the study, I am exploring the return-to-work outcomes of patients, which includes whether or not a patient actually returns to work and the level at which they perform once they do return to work. Dr. Lenker is a great professor to work with; He gives us a lot of feedback and suggestions for our research.

What have you enjoyed the most?

I absolutely love our occupational therapy class of 2018! Everyone is very supportive and provides endless encouragement. For example, because English is my second language, I often find giving presentations especially challenging. Everyone is always extremely patient and willing to provide encouragement. I am very grateful to be a part of a great occupational therapy program here at UB!

How will receiving a degree from the UB set you apart?

For me, receiving my diploma is more than just a piece of paper; it is the culmination of a wonderful college experience. The program is not easy; the standards are high and the curriculum is challenging. With that said, I know the training and professional knowledge I have gained will allow me to have a successful and rewarding career as a occupational therapist.