Our Philosophy and Approach

Our department is dedicated to research, education, and community partnerships at the highest level. This preparation will provide you with a world-class education inside the classroom and in real-world settings to set you up for success in the public health arena. 

We have one mission in mind: to make the healthiest choice an easy choice, no matter the environment, population or task at hand. We strive to prepare you with the tools to become an alum who changes our world as a public health practitioner. 
We believe high scientific standards are critical for developing and assessing effective interventions and policies, as well as for conducting basic behavioral research that will lead to improved public health outcomes. 
We prepare our graduates to:
  • Conduct research on behavioral and community factors influencing disease prevention and health promotion. (Research opportunities are available for all PhD and interested MPH students.)
  • Develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate public health programming to address behavioral and community health (MPH students).
  • Influence positive changes in the health of their local, regional and broader communities.