MPH/MD Program

Through this five-year program, you will earn an MPH degree with a concentration in community health and health behavior and a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.

This collaborative program prepares you to incorporate a public health approach with your medical practice or research—providing care for individuals as well as communities.


The MPH curriculum will provide a comprehensive understanding of public health philosophy, as well as the practical knowledge and skills needed to address current and emerging public health problems. You’ll complete a minimum of 43 credits, including coursework, four to seven credits of field training and three credits for a culminating project.

The MD curriculum provides a general medical professional education that permits you to learn the fundamental principles of medicine, to acquire skills of critical judgment based on education and experience and to develop an ability to use principles and skills wisely in solving problems of health and disease.

Each degree will be conferred separately upon completion of program requirements.

Students in the MPH/MD Program can waive EEH 520: Biological Basis of Public Health (3 credits) from their MPH and can tailor their field training experience and/or MPH Culminating Project to a topic related to their medical training or residency, such as a research or evaluation project, with approval from their MPH concentration director.

Course of Study

First and Second Year

  • Follow the School of Medicine curriculum schedule.

Third Year

Fourth Year

  • Follow the School of Medicine curriculum schedule.

Fifth Year--Fall

  • Follow the School of Medicine curriculum schedule.

Fifth Year--Spring

  • CHB 544 Field Training
  • CHB 630 Integrative Project
  • Any remaining concentration area courses in the MPH program

How to Apply

You will need to submit separate applications to and be admitted to the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and the School of Public Health and Health Professions.

Questions about the MPH portion?

Questions about the MD portion?

Contact David A. Milling, MD, senior associate dean for student and academic affairs, at