MPH/MSW Program

Through this three-year program, you will earn an MPH degree with a concentration in community health and health behavior and a master of social work (MSW) degree.

The MPH/MSW provides you the opportunity to integrate two similar—yet still unique—perspectives in addressing social problems, particularly as they relate to health of the public. Both disciplines share orientations to prevention, the community and with vulnerable populations. The public health perspective you'll gain through the MPH complements the MSW, enabling public health social workers to understand and guide interventions from the individual level to the whole population.


The MPH curriculum provides a comprehensive understanding of public health principles and concepts, as well as the practical knowledge and skills needed to address current and emerging public health problems. You’ll complete 47 MPH credits, including coursework, field training and a culminating project.

You can share up to 9 MSW credits as MPH electives or field training experiences from:

  • SW 542 Trauma and Human Rights
  • SW 531 Crisis Intervention
  • SW 570 Health and Disability
  • Up to 6 credit hours of public health-related social work field instruction can be shared with the MPH field training experience with approval from the MPH concentration director

The MSW curriculum is rooted in an evidence-based practice approach to social work. You will complete 60 credits, including the foundation year and elective courses, and 6 MPH credits you will share with the MSW (CHB 501 Study of Health Behavior and EEH 530 Introduction to Health Care Organization). You will learn the critical skills to evaluate your practice in your foundation year and then build on this core through your individualized advanced year curriculum (electives). 

Course of Study Options

This MSW/MPH program reduces by one year the usual pattern of a two-year MPH program plus a two-year MSW program. You can begin Year One of the combined program in either the MSW or MPH.

An advanced standing option is also available. For this option, you would complete a total of 60 credit hours. Advanced Standing students complete Year One in the MPH and Year Two in the MSW.

How to Apply

You will need to submit separate applications to and be admitted to the School of Social Work and the School of Public Health and Health Professions.

Questions about the MPH portion of the program?

Questions about the MSW portion of the program?

Contact Lauren McGowan, director of recruitment and admissions, at