Frequently Asked Questions

How do I indicate an interest in the combined program once I'm in the Public Health BS program?

Notify an academic advisor at or (716) 829-5000. We will add you to the interest group to keep you informed of all updates. 

Do I qualify for the combined program?

Students in the University at Buffalo Bachelor of Science in Public Health program who meet the combined degree requirements can apply to the combined program.

Do I need to submit GRE scores when I apply?

No. GRE scores are not required and will not be considered if submitted.

Can I apply to the MS if I don't meet the combined degree requirements?

Yes. Students who do not meet the combined degree requirements listed on the admissions page can apply to the MS Epidemiology program through the standard admissions process (GRE scores will be required).

When should I apply to the combined degree program?

Apply in your junior year of the bachelor’s program no later than April 1 to begin the MS program the following Fall semester.

How long does it take to earn both degrees?

It takes five years to earn both degrees through the combined program. Students complete three years of the bachelor’s program and two years of the MS program.

What tuition do I pay?

You will pay undergraduate tuition and fee rates during three years of your bachelor’s program, and graduate tuition and fee rates during two years of your MS program.

Can I count any courses I am taking as an undergraduate student towards my MS degree?

Students cannot count courses taken as an undergraduate student towards the MS degree.

Can I take a graduate course while I am an undergraduate student?

You can take graduate courses as an undergraduate student with permission of graduate course instructor. You cannot apply course credits from graduate courses to both your undergraduate and graduate programs.

Questions about the program?

Contact undergraduate advisement at or (716) 829-5000.