About Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

A professor explaining reverse cholesterol transport.

Exercise science is the scientific study of how human movement influences health, fitness, performance and disease prevention. Nutrition science explores the complex relationship between the body, nutrients and health. Our department combines these disciplines to offer a broad understanding of the human body, including physiological, biomechanical and nutritional factors.

We offer undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs for every level of your education. We also offer a Dietetic Internship with MS in Nutrition.

Use your degree to pursue advanced professional programs, to conduct clinical research or to enter the workforce. Our graduates work in a variety of industries including fitness, athletics, rehabilitation and other healthcare related areas, hospitality and the government.

  • 6/19/14
    Turn your passion for exercise, nutrition and science into a career of consequence.
  • 7/5/18
    Discover how our guiding principles match up with your own.
  • 6/27/17
    Students share their journeys to the study of exercise and nutrition sciences and to UB.
  • 1/8/18
    Graduates discuss how their experiences in and out of the classroom prepared them for their careers.
  • 1/8/18
    Our faculty members involve student researchers in their efforts to examine how exercise and nutrition influence health, disease prevention and individual function and performance.
  • 9/2/21
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