Nutrition MS

Person in a lab coat holding an apple.

Maximize your opportunities for faculty research collaboration across disciplines with our master’s degree in nutrition science.

This degree program will prepare you for advanced professional programs, clinical research or careers in industries such as food, hospitality, health facilities, government or private consulting.

Nutrition MS Program

This program is well suited for students who have a background in biological sciences, are interested in nutrition research or in acquiring a stronger nutrition background for application in another discipline. Your undergraduate preparation for this track should include courses in nutrition, chemistry, mathematics, biology and biochemistry.

Comprehensive Exam, Project or Thesis Options

You can complete either track with a comprehensive exam, project or thesis. Your advisor will guide you through this process.

If you are applying for a thesis option, we strongly suggest that you contact a faculty member in your area of interest to arrange an in-person or phone interview.

Students in the BS/MS program generally choose the comprehensive exam option but may elect to complete a thesis or project. Choosing a thesis or project may extend the length of the program beyond five years.