Core Facilities

Participant wearing a sensor vest.

Each department within the School of Public Health and Health Professions has its own discipline-specific research facilities as well as access to shared resources.

Hydration, Exercise, and Thermoregulation (HEAT) Laboratory

The HEAT Lab conducts research to improve the health and safety of workers, Warfighters, and athletes in extreme environments.

Center for Health Research

The Center for Health Research (CHR) is a full-service research facility available to all School of Public Health and Health Professions faculty conducting externally funded studies.

The CHR includes:

  • A reception room/waiting area
  • Six interview rooms, four of which are ventilated to accommodate smoking cessation research
  • Two multi-purpose rooms
  • A meeting/kitchen area
  • A phlebotomy room

Center for Research and Education in Special Environments (CRESE)

CRESE is a unique facility where multiple, collaborative faculty utilize a central infrastructure to address issues in environmental physiology and prehospital medicine. The two main areas of focus are performance in extreme environments (altitude, depth, heat, cold) and prehospital and battlefield medicine. While the research conducted is broadly related to health, wellness, and performance of first responders and warfighters, many of the findings are applicable to the general population and athletes.

Emergency Responder Human Performance Lab

The Emergency Responder Human Performance Lab (ERHPL) is dedicated to promoting the health and safety of emergency responders through research, education and application. Lab researchers aim to understand the stresses associated with emergency response and develop appropriate interventions.

Nutrition & Health Research Laboratory

Nutrition & Health Research Laboratory.

The Nutrition & Health Research Laboratory studies the influence of food and food additives on ingestive behavior in humans, and the factors that influence adults’ motivation to obtain food. Jennifer L. Temple, PhD, principal investigator and assistant professor of exercise and nutrition sciences, is conducting NIH-funded research in the lab on the influence of caffeine administration on physiological, mood and psychological responses in adolescents.