Jennifer Temple and Amanda Ziegler.

Our rigorous programs emphasize scientific inquiry and discovery at every level of your education.

  • Athletic Training Program
    Athletes, dancers, workers, clinic and hospital patients are all people who need support to stay physically healthy.
  • Clinical Nutrition MS
    Help others live longer, healthier Lives: Become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in the Graduate Program in Clinical Nutrition.
  • Clinical Nutrition MS Dietetic Internship
    The University at Buffalo (UB) now offers an accredited future education model graduate degree program in Clinical Nutrition to prepare students to become professionally RDNs.
  • Exercise Science BS
    Learn how various aspects of exercise and physical activity - including physiological, biomechanical, nutritional, and behavioral - can enhance health, fitness, performance, and disease prevention and management.
  • Exercise Science BS / MS
    Gain a thorough understanding of human health and wellness with this ultimate wellness degree.
  • Exercise Science BS/ Nutrition MS
    Gain a thorough understanding of human health and wellness with this ultimate wellness degree.
  • Exercise Science BS/ Doctorate of Physical Therapy DPT
    The combined Exercise Science BS/DPT program is suited for exceptional students who want an accelerated pathway to complete the Bachelor of Science and Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy (DPT) in six years.
  • Exercise Science MS
    Understand the role of exercise in health, performance, and disease prevention in a program personalized to your interest in research or clinical practice.
  • Exercise Science PhD
    Conduct original research to better understand the link between exercise, nutrition and overall wellness as you prepare for your career in academia, government, health care or clinical research.
  • Nutrition Science BS
    You already know the importance of food and diet in staying healthy. If you want to use your interest in nutrition to help others be healthier and prevent disease, UB’s bachelor’s degree program in Nutrition Science gives you the knowledge to do just that.
  • Nutrition MS
    Explore the role of nutrition in improved health and disease prevention in a program personalized to your interest in either nutrition science or clinical nutrition.
  • Nutrition Science PhD
    The Nutrition Science PhD provides a combination of didactic learning and research experience in the field of nutrition science. This program emphasizes foundational courses in biochemistry, physiology and nutrition as well as a variety of opportunities for conducting high-quality research in both laboratory and clinical settings.
  • Exercise Science BS/ Athletic Training MS
    Our programs in Athletic Training are designed to promote a comprehensive education both in the classroom and in clinical experiences.
  • Coaching Minor
    If you have a passion for sports, a desire to make a difference in the lives of athletes, and a dedication to strive for personal excellence, this minor is perfect for you.
  • Nutrition Minor
    Learn basic concepts of human nutrition and the relationships between nutrition, health, disease, and the life cycle.
  • Financial Assistance and Awards
    There are a variety of options available to assist you with the cost of your education. 
  • Student Activities
    Participate in programs that offer educational and leadership opportunities outside of the classroom.
  • How to Apply
    Learn about our admissions criteria and how to apply.
  • Undergraduate Advisement
    Our Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and the Office for Academic and Student Affairs (OASA) are here to help you prepare for and plan your academic experience at UB.