Requirements and Curriculum

  • A minimum of 36 credit hours, 24 of which must be taken in residence at the University at Buffalo.
  • Participation in a research project that can range from a small study to a thesis eligible for peer-reviewed publication.


  • NTR 500 Energy/Protein Nutrition
  • NTR 501 Vitamins and Minerals
  • NTR 503 Nutrition and Health
  • CHB 550 Public Health and Population Wellbeing
  • NTR 600 Pathophysiology of Nutrition Related Diseases
  • NTR 630 Nutrition Seminar
  • STA 527 Introduction to Medical Statistics or CEP 532 Understanding Statistical Research or OS 518 Statistical Methods Oral Science or equivalent
  • Research depending on your selected option of exam, project or thesis

Informal Degree Requirements

You may need to complete specialty training or certification to participate in certain research studies.