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Milind Chaudhari

Malind Chaudhari.

As a physician in India, Milind Chaudhari counseled his patients about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. He knew that many of his patients’ diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, could be lessened or avoided through a combination of proper diet, regular exercise and an overall emphasis on healthy living.

“As medical science advances, I believe, it will become more about preventive care in nature... ”
Milind Chaudhari
Exercise Science PhD Student

“As medical science advances, I believe, it will become more about preventive care in nature,” he said. “In such a scenario, exercise physiology and nutrition—with its emphasis on basic and applied research—will have a central role to play.”

This advocacy for the power of prevention led Chaudhari to the study of exercise science and to UB’s School of Public Health and Health Professions.

Research Opportunities

He chose to attend UB for the “excellent research facilities and enormous opportunities to conduct independent research. I was impressed with UB’s collaborations with different hospitals and research centers which make it easy for students to get hands-on experience in clinical as well as research settings.”

Additionally, Chaudhari said he selected UB for its large international student community, active campus life, quality education at an affordable price and its location. Buffalo is an exciting place, he noted, with Niagara Falls and many other attractions nearby.

His favorite aspects of the PhD program were the lectures by visiting exercise science experts as part of the ongoing seminar series. “We got to listen to successful and top scientists in the field and learn about their current research,” he said. “We also had the chance to talk to the speakers in the seminar, as well as in a casual setting.”

Chaudhari earned his PhD in 2013.