Steve Glamcevski

Steve Glamcevski.

Steve Glamcevski is enjoying the journey that has led him from Western New York to west Alabama to northwest Europe.

It all began at UB where he attended as an undergraduate and became passionate about exercise science. He then decided to hone his skills and knowledge with a master’s degree in exercise science.  

“I attended UB for the master’s program because I had familiarity with the professors,” he said. “A lot of the undergraduate courses that I completed were taught by professors who also taught graduate classes. Professors such as Gaspar Farkas, Harold Burton and Peter Horvath did a great job of providing examples that helped students retain the information. They made the classroom setting fun and interactive.” 

Glamcevski was also impressed with the program’s internship and practicum opportunities. “I was able to intern with the Buffalo Bills and the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo and Western New York,” he said. “When I first started the program, I was unsure about what part of the exercise science field I wanted to work in. Having the flexibility to complete multiple internships and practicums allowed me to make the best possible decisions about my career.”

After graduation, he worked with the 2013 national champion University of Alabama football team. According to Glamcevski, this experience, along with his internships, helped him develop into the strength and conditioning coach he is today.

Those experiences also prepared him for his current opportunity—his most adventurous one yet. Glamcevski works through Exos, formerly known as Athletes’ Performance, as the director of strength and conditioning for the 321st Special Tactics Squadron stationed in England. He works with highly trained members of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command who conduct missions around the globe. 

He is responsible for designing and coordinating a strength and conditioning program that reduces injuries, improves movement quality and enhances physical performance. 

“The best part of my job is the fulfillment I receive from serving a population that risks their lives to protect our freedom and make the world a safer place,” said Glamcevski. “Their motto ‘First There…That Others May Live’ reinforces the importance of continuing to improve their physical capabilities so that they may continue to serve and ultimately return home safely.”