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Christina White

Christina White.

Christina White found that her love of dance and an interest in the study of the human body made for the perfect match as a dual major at UB.

How did you become interested in exercise science as your field of study?

Since I was not completely sure what I wanted to do, I decided to look for colleges with dance programs because I was not quite ready to give up that part of my life. I took a human anatomy and physiology course during my senior year of high school while applying to schools, and I absolutely fell in love with the study of the human body. After reading about a number of different careers and programs of study, I decided exercise science was the best one for me since I could merge my passion for dance with my passion for fitness and anatomy.

Why did you choose UB?

I always knew I wanted to attend a large Division I university that had sports, arts, quality academics and more all in one place. I wanted to go to a place where I could always meet new people and always find new opportunities. Some of my extended family in the Western New York area encouraged me to check out UB. I found that UB satisfied all of my search criteria and offered quality academics for a reasonable price.

Tell us more about your experience in the exercise science program.

Last summer, I was a teaching assistant for gross human anatomy, a course exercise science students take after their sophomore year. That experience was once in a lifetime because I was able to review the material while building relationships and sharing knowledge with the students.

I have also really enjoyed being able to complete a practicum experience. Hands-on learning helps me retain the information much better than traditional lectures, so that has been a valuable experience. I also recently completed a series of video rehabilitation programs for UB Sports Medicine during that practicum experience, and that project helped teach me other aspects related to the field of exercise science.

Additionally, I recently compiled a dance medicine handbook for one of my dance courses. My exercise science coursework provided a solid background for the project and allowed me to bridge the gap between my two majors by being able to educate my peers about how to care for their bodies properly.

What do you enjoy the most about the exercise science program?

I most enjoy the great variety of the exercise science program. The classes are all different, the professors all bring their own knowledge and research to their courses, and there are many different options for new experiences in the field. The faculty and coursework introduced me to many careers of which I was previously unaware. The students are always learning of new research opportunities or programs to take part in within the community. The department creates a unique atmosphere that encourages students to shape their college career with a variety of experiences.

How does receiving a degree from UB SPHHP set you apart?

Having a degree from UB SPHHP sets me apart because I am prepared for the next steps of my career. University at Buffalo exercise science students take gross human anatomy and very few other schools offer that course to undergraduate students. This, along with many of the upper division courses, have really prepared me to work in almost any environment. Therefore, I know UB SPHHP has set me up for success.