Concentration Specific Competencies

Competencies Addressed by Concentration Specific Coursework

CS1. Evaluate the impact of environmental hazards on the human body, considering pathways and routes of exposure, fate within the body, and the role of genetic (epigenetic) factors. (PMY 626 Toxicology Principles and Practice)
CS2. Propose a study design to research the adverse health outcomes from a specific environmental risk factor in a systematic way. (EEH 575 Epidemiologic Applications to Environmental Health)
CS3. Interpret environmental epidemiology, toxicology, or other related scientific literature for the evaluation of environmental health issues. (EEH 551 Advanced Environmental Health Sciences)
CS4. Summarize and communicate environmental health findings in writing and by presentation, including descriptions of background, study design, results, and interpretation. (EEH 551 Advanced Environmental Health SciencesPMY 626 Toxicology Principles and Practice)
CS5. Apply synthesized information to critique regulatory programs and guidelines that regulate environmental or occupational health issues. (PMY 626 Toxicology Principles and Practice)