Competencies describe activities or behaviors you should be able to demonstrate after completing your program.

Number Competencies
C1 Study Designs
Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the major epidemiologic study designs. (EEH 501, EEH 502, EEH 600)
C2 Outcome Measures
Apply prevalence and incidence of disease measures in public health research. (EEH 501, EEH 502, STA 528)
C3 Evaluation of Epidemiologic Data
Critically evaluate the results of epidemiologic studies for appropriate study design implementation and for the influence of chance, bias, confounding and effect modification in order to make appropriate inferences. (EEH 501, EEH 502, EEH 600)

Application of Biostatistics to Epidemiology
Perform common and appropriate statistical methodologies for answering epidemiologic research questions; and interpret them in an epidemiologic context. (EEH 505, STA 527, STA 528, EEH 600)

C5 Ethical Conduct of Human Subjects Research
Apply the basic ethical and legal issues pertaining to the collection, use and dissemination of epidemiologic data; apply knowledge of human subjects’ protections, informed consent, and confidentiality to research activities. (EEH 650, EEH 600)
C6 Culminating Thesis
Develop and execute a hypothesis-driven epidemiologic study, including a literature review and original data analysis culminating in a defendable written document (equivalent to one publishable manuscript) and oral presentation, both of which demonstrate effective communication skills. (EEH 600)