Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with this combined degree program?

The BS/MS degrees prepare you for advanced professional degrees, including medical, physician assistant or chiropractic programs, and for further study at the PhD level. The BS portion is an excellent applied health degree with numerous certifications available. The addition of the MS degree prepares you for positions as a nutrition professional in certain industries.


This degree does not lead to registered dietitian (RD) licensure or allow you to practice as an RD.

When can I apply?

Current UB students will apply to the graduate portion of the BS/MS program in year three. Learn more about applying to the program.

How do I complete the 'areas of research' section in the application?

You don’t need to choose an area of research unless you choose the thesis option for the master’s portion of the program. If you do select the thesis option, discuss your interests with the faculty member you have chosen as a mentor. The best way to find who you want to work with is to talk with other students, read about research collaborations with faculty members and then arrange meetings with those faculty members with similar interests.

If I choose the thesis option, when do I start doing research with my faculty mentor?

You can start in your junior year, but most students make arrangements with their mentors during their senior year and start in the summer before the fifth year.