Statement of Values

In keeping with the university’s commitment to inclusive excellence, the SPHHP Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council strives to enact the following values of C.A.R.E.

  • Conversation – We seek to create processes and spaces in SPHHP for listening to one other, discovering the truth, and elevating multiple and silent perspectives. We seek to promote an organizational culture where all members are heard with curiosity, respect and empathy and where members are able to unlearn bias and learn cultural humility. 
  • Accountability – We seek accountability and transparency in decision-making that impacts diversity and inclusion in SPHHP. 
  • Respect – We seek to promote inclusion and a culture of respect in SPHHP governance, pedagogy, community engagement and research. 
  • Equity – We seek to create ways for SPHHP to intentionally focus its resources and agency in the pursuit of social justice. We seek to intentionally foster an environment that is welcoming to groups that have not historically been represented in SPHHP by dismantling and making reparations for systems that have promoted inequality in the past. Of particular importance is broadening the diversity of the SPHHP faculty, staff and leadership.

Join SPHHP’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council

The School of Public Health and Health Professions Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council is made up of over 40 staff, students and faculty who are committed to making SPHHP an anti-racist institution. It consists of seven groups working on:

  • Resources and procedures for reporting discrimination
  • Promoting inclusive pedagogy
  • Disseminating anti-racism resources
  • Faculty and staff hiring practices
  • Scholarships for students from diverse backgrounds
  • Recruiting a diverse student body
  • Promoting community partnerships
Interested in taking part in this important work?

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