Peer Difference Education

In 2018, the School of Public Health and Health Professions pilot-tested whether a peer difference video could increase grades compared to a video in which students shared their study strategies.

When engaged in peer difference education, students reflect on how their background matters
in college such as, how it creates challenges in college as well as sources of resilience, through hearing
the contrasting stories of students from different backgrounds. Both the peer difference video and study strategies appeared to have positive effects. Grades for the classes increase in both cases compared
to the previous fall. The videos were warmly received by the students.

Student stories and experiences

These videos created with help from the UB Center for Educational Innovation feature students in STEM+H programs and may be especially appealing to these students in your courses.

Student video response testimonials

“Thank you for helping me realize what I want to do in life.”

“Thank you for letting me learn about others that were in the same shoe as I am. They have motivated me and helped me find the confidence that I had lost after my first week of classes. Now I feel like I could do it. No matter what the challenge I face is, I just have to remember why I am doing this and it will all be worth it. Thank you very much.”

“The video really helped with the stress I am feeling.”

“The video was super helpful because it not only gave really good study habit tips but it also showed me that other students struggle academically as well but there are ways to overcome those struggles.”

“This video was awesome, post it everywhere!”

Questions about implementing these videos in your courses?