Full List of Past Lecturers


2020: Thomas A. LaVeist, PhD


2019: Kathryn H. Schmitz, PhD, MPH, FACSM

2018: Geoffrey T. Fong, PhD, FRSC, FCAHS

2017: Russell R. Pate, PhD

2016: Sandro Galea, MD, MPH, DrPH

2015: Donna J. Petersen, ScD, MHS, CPH

2014: Lynn T. Kozlowski, PhD

2013: Barry M. Popkin, PhD

2012: Howard K. Koh, MD, MPH

2011: David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP

2010: Linda Rae Murray, MD, MPH


2009: Richard E. Besser, MD, Senior Health and Medical Editor at ABC News. Former Director, Coordinating Office for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

2008: James S. Marks, MD, MPH, Senior Vice President of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)

2007: Stanley P. Azen, PhD, Preventive Medicine (Division of Biostatistics), Biomedical Engineering, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

2006: Dr. Ronald Kessler, Professor, Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

2005: Dr. Anthony Delitto, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Physical Therapy, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2004: Dr. Mary Law, Professor, Associate Dean & Director, School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University, Canada

2003: Dr. Shiriki Kumanyika, Associate Dean for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention, Director, Graduate Program in Public Health Studies, Professor of Epidemiology, Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine

2002: Allen W. Heinemann, Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Northwestern University Medical School & Associate Director, Research Rehabilitation, Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

2001: Thomas Robinson, PhD, Dean, College of Allied Health Professions, Lexington, Kentucky

2000: Barbara S. Bregman, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Neuroscience, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC


1999: Bryan Kolb, PhD, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

1998: Frank W. Booth, PhD, Robert Greer Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Department of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, the University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center

1997: Leonard J. Finocchio, Director of the Center for Health Professions, Pew Health Professions Commission, University of California, San Francisco

1996: Bess Dawson-Hughes, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine and Senior Scientist, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, and Chief Calcium and Bone Metabolism Laboratory, USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts

1995: Steven N. Blair, PED, Director of Research and Director of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications at the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas

1994: Waneen W. Spirduso, EdD, Mauzy Regents' Professor of Kinesiology and Health Education, University of Texas-Austin

1993: William J. Evans, PhD, Professor of Nutrition and Director of the Noll Laboratory for Human Performance Research at The Pennsylvania State University

1992: Barbara L. Drinkwater, PhD, Research Physiologist, Department of Medicine, Pacific Medical Center, Seattle, Washington

1991: Jack H. Wilmore, PhD, Margie Gurley Seay Centennial Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, University of Texas at Austin

1990: Lawrence W. Green, DPH, Vice President and Director, Health Promotion Program, Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation


1989: Claude Lenfant, MD, Director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health