2021: Jeffrey Shaman, PhD

Sixth Annual Richard V. Lee, MD Lectureship in Global Health

Jeffrey Shaman, PhD.

Lecturer Biography

Sixth Annual Lecture

Climate-Disease Connections: Associations, Processes and Incorporation in Infectious Disease Forecast

Jeffrey Shaman is a professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences and director of the Climate and Health Program at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, and faculty chair of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. He studies the survival, transmission and ecology of infectious agents, including the effects of meteorological and hydrological conditions on these processes. Dr. Shaman's work-to-date has primarily focused on mosquito-borne and respiratory pathogens. He uses mathematical and statistical models to describe, understand and forecast the transmission dynamics of these disease systems, and to investigate the broader effects of climate and weather on human health. Dr. Shaman holds a BA in biology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA, MPhil and PhD in climate and geophysics from Columbia.