Concentration Specific Competencies

Competencies Addressed by Concentration Specific Coursework

Competency Number Competency
CS1. Identify how bias, confounding, effect modification and random error may affect the results of epidemiologic investigations and how they may be prevented or controlled using different aspects of study design. (EEH 502 Advanced Methodology)
CS2. Examine data for the presence of confounding and effect modification, identify their presence and demonstrate how to manage them in statistical analysis. (STA 528 Statistical Analysis II)
CS3. Evaluate the strengths and limitations of epidemiologic studies and critically evaluate the application of epidemiologic methods for translation into public health messaging, programming or response. (EEH 502 Advanced Methodology)

Apply different principles of investigation for acute outbreaks versus chronic conditions in populations. (EEH 573 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases)

CS5. Determine appropriate statistics to use for a given dataset or study, calculate these statistics and develop appropriate inferences given the study design, and translate findings into public health messaging, programming or response. (STA 528 Statistical Analysis II)