Requirements and Curriculum

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Academic Requirements

Students must maintain an overall undergraduate GPA ≥ 3.0 to be eligible for admission to the graduate portion of the program. Students must maintain ≥ 3.0 overall graduate GPA and achieve grades of B- or higher in all graduate courses. Students that do not maintain a 3.0 minimum graduate GPA will not be allowed to continue in the combined program but may continue in the BS program in either the Applied Exercise Physiology or Health Promotion track.

Prerequisite Courses

  • ES 207 Human Form & Function 
  • CHE 101 General Chemistry
  • CHE 102 General Chemistry 
  • ES 200 Introduction to Exercise Science
  • MTH 141 College Calculus I or 
    MTH 131 Mathematical Analysis for Management (Pre-PT and Pre-Health tracks only)
  • NTR 108 Human Nutrition
  • PGY 300 Human Physiology
  • PHY 101 College Physics I
  • PSY 101 Introductory Psychology
  • STA 119 Statistical Methods
  • PUB 101 Intro to Public Health

Students who believe they may have equivalent coursework for ES 207 should speak with an advisor in the Office for Academic and Student Affairs at 716-829-5000.

Transfer Credit Policy

All prerequisite coursework taken at other institutions must articulate to UB as equivalent courses. Courses that do not articulate to UB will not satisfy requirements for the major. Refer to TAURUS for information on courses at other schools that are equivalent to UB courses.

Required Courses

BS ES Undergraduate Requirements

Beginning in Fall 2021, students must choose the Pre-PT concentration for the combined BS/MS Exercise Science program.

Pre-Physical Therapy

MS ES Graduate Requirements

Graduate electives (13-14 credits)

Informal Degree Requirements

You may need to complete specialty training or certification to participate in certain research studies.

Total Credit Hours Required

Credits Required for Major (Undergraduate) 93
Credits Required for Major (Graduate) 36
Additional Credits Required for UB Curriculum  17
Total Credits Required for Degree 146