Biomarkers to Assess Acute Kidney Injury Risk During Heat Strain

collection sample viles.

This study will help understand the impact of repeated days of exercise heat strain on kidney health.

Principal Investigator: Riana R Pryor, PhD, ATC

Funding Agency: University at Buffalo’s CTSI Translational Pilot Studies Program

Period: 01/2023 – 12/2023

Abstract: Prolonged, high intensity work in a hot environment results in significant strain on the body, known as heat strain. Heat strain in hot occupational settings such as agriculture, fire suppression, and military work can lead to ~20% of workers exceeding thresholds for acute kidney injury. However, it is unclear whether these individuals truly experienced acute kidney injury or if these were normal, healthy physiologic responses. To better determine if acute kidney injury occurs in the staggering number of workers previously reported, biomarkers are needed in addition to kidney function markers to characterize this response. This project will determine whether a new biomarker of kidney injury increases during occupational relevant heat exposures in a healthy, active population and will compare the impact of repeated exposures to a hot environment on risk of acute kidney injury.